The Professional Choice to Support Cognitive Function, Promote Mental Performance and Enhance Physical Capacity

NeuroPro is a professional product recommended by leading Canadian Neuroscientists

NeuroPro contains a proprietary extract of triterpenoid saponins, derived from ginseng.  History has shown that ginseng provides significant and measureable benefits for supporting cognitive function and mental performance, as well as enhancing physical capacity.*  With today’s ability for detailed scientific analysis, it is possible to understand the function of the  triterpenoid saponins within ginseng extracts, and to optimize those for greater benefit.  NeuroPro represents this scientific advancement.

The triterpenoid saponins found in ginseng function neurologically via a number of mechanisms. Pre-clinical research indicates that the components support cellular health, helping fight against oxidative stress.*  Triterpenoid saponins also exhibit the potential to support neurotransmitters and cell-to-cell signalling pathways which may result in improved concentration and mental performance.*

NeuroPro is one of the most highly concentrated sources of triterpenoid saponins available today.  Each capsule contains 45mg of triterpenoid saponins.

The triterpenoid saponin profile contained within NeuroPro has been carefully selected based on ginseng species, source and extraction method to provide the greatest strength for supporting cognitive function and mental performance.*  NeuroPro provides maximum benefit for those looking for triterpenoid saponin supplementation.

Your Assurance of Quality

neuroscientistsThe ingredients in NeuroPro must pass one of the most rigorous quality control protocols in the supplement industry – far greater than most other dietary supplement products on the market today.  Tests are performed to determine safety for 67 pesticides or pesticide residues, 25 solvents, heavy metals, bacteria, fungi and yeast.  In addition, tests are performed for at least 8 specific triterpenoid saponins in order to ensure a standardized product.  Every effort is made to ensure the highest strength, quality and safety of NeuroPro.


NeuroPro is manufactured under government audited, Good Manufacturing Practices. Before NeuroPro leaves the facility, random samples are sent to an external independent laboratory to ensure that the product exceeds the stringent quality standards of the USP (U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention), which are the recommended standard for all supplements. These quality control practices make NeuroPro the quality benchmark for the industry.

NeuroPro USA Label

NeuroPro is available at our Online Store and by referral from your Health Care Practitioner. Please print this Professional Information Sheet for your Physician or Health Care Practitioner. A detailed scientific package is available upon their request.

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